You're only a stranger once.

My name is Dion Munk, and I’m an all around tech junky. I’ve been obsessed with technology and computers since I was a kid. I find it all so fascinating and irresistible. I dabble in a lot of different things. By day, I’m a System Analyst. I spend a lot of time buried knee deep in data writing SQL and developing web applications. I’ve also worked on the other side of IT doing support, networking, and the like. I like to take my experience from both the programming and data side and the support and infrastructure side and put them together to do cool things. By night, well, that is the main reason for the blog.

I want to start blogging because I feel like I need a place to share stuff. I want to share things that I find interesting. I want to put my personal projects, thoughts, ideas, and tinkering out there. Maybe someone will find it useful?

I like to think I’m a normal, well-adjusted individual, but I jump around so much I wouldn’t hesitate to say that I have ADD, and I’ve been self-medicating for years by drinking gallons of Mountain Dew, and more recently Red Bull. I never can seem to get quite enough caffeine, though.

If you’d like to give me some feedback on something you find here, comment, send me a tweet or email me.

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