Monokai My Life

My favorite color scheme.

Monokai is my absolute favorite color scheme. I think it won me over when I was using Sublime Text as my primary text/code app because it was the default theme and I never bothered changing it. Now I use Monokai everywhere I can (with some personal adjustments).

The original color scheme was created by Wimer Hazenberg for TextMate.


Right now I am using Monokai in iTerm and Atom. I also use it for the code snippets on this site. My personal version of the theme is slightly faded and a little easier on the eyes. The original is pretty bright but still nice to look at. In the preview to the right you can see what my theme looks like in iTerm.

Download my iTerm Monokai Faded color scheme on Github.


I love the open-source Atom text editor that Github makes. I used Sublime Text for quite a while and I liked it. I gave Atom a try when it first came out and didn't like it much. I tried it again after a couple of years of development and I fell in love. It needed my Monokai Faded theme though.

Download my Atom Monokai Faded color scheme from the Atom Themes directory.

I hope you enjoy my themes!