Get Launch Center Pro to Work with IFTTT Again Using Workflow

Get Launch Center Pro to Work with IFTTT Again Using Workflow I was really bummed when Launch Center Pro stopped supporting IFTTT, but I recently found a workaround for it and I’m really excited to share.

I use quite a few WeMo devices in my home for automation purposes, and my goto app to trigger things is Launch Center Pro(LCP). I create shortcuts in LCP that trigger applets in IFTTT that then fire off some task for a WeMo device. One of the main shortcut/applet combinations I used (before LCP dropped support for IFTTT) was a shortcut to open my garage door. I have a WeMo Maker connected to my garage door opener, and I used an applet in IFTTT to trigger it. The reason I prefer triggering it with IFTTT rather than just opening the WeMo app is that the WeMo app takes forever to refresh and sometimes it doesn’t detect all of my devices, even though I know they are connected. Triggering my garage door with an IFTTT applet makes it happen in the background, so there is no waiting for the WeMo app to refresh. IFTTT just sends off the task to open the garage door and about 3 seconds later it’s opening, instead of fiddling around with the WeMo app. Now, using Workflow as the middle man, I can trigger an IFTTT applet from LCP. Let me explain.

Making it Work

Workflow Setup

Get started by opening the Workflow app.

  • Open Workflow and Create a new Workflow.
  • Give it a name.
  • Tap the Action button at the bottom with the magic wand icon.
  • Select the Trigger IFTTT Applet action.
  • Fill in the Trigger Name as the trigger that we’ll set up in IFTTT later.
  • Push Done in the top right corner to save the workflow.


Now we need to open up IFTTT.

  • Open IFTTT and tap the + to create a new applet.
  • Tap this and search for Workflow.
  • Select Workflow.
  • Choose the workflow we set up earlier from the list.
  • Tap Next in the top right.
  • Tap that and search for WeMo.
  • Select your WeMo device.
  • Select the WeMo action you want to perform.
  • Tap Next and your new applet is created.

Launch Center Pro Setup

Now we need to open up Launch Center Pro.

  • Tap the pencil icon in the top right to add a new Action.
  • Tap a + space to start creating an Action.
  • Give your action a name.
  • For the URL we will use the following: workflow://x-callback-url/run-workflow?name=Garage&x-source={{Launch Center Pro}}&x-success={{launch://}}
  • Notice that name=Garage in this sample, so you’ll need to change it to the name of your workflow. If you have spaces in the name of your workflow, replace the space with %20, so instead of Garage Door it would be Garage%20Door.
  • Make any other customizations you want.
  • Tap Done when you are finished and then Done again.

Everything should be set to go at this point. Try pressing your action in Launch Center Pro. It should pop up the Workflow app for a second while it executes your workflow and then jumps back to Launch Center Pro if it finishes successfully otherwise it should give you an error message if something went wrong, but nothing should if you did everything right. ;)

Enjoy your newfound awesomeness.

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